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I need PLONE hosting for a charity

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Par Franciscocréé le 15/08/2010 23:29

Hi, I am Phd student of Computer Sciences, and I've just agreed to
volunteer for a charity here in the UK. http://orchidproject.org/
I will design and develop a website for them, based on PLONE
(I know python and is the only serious CMS out there that I could find)
I am new to PLONE (my research is on 3d graphics...), and for the moment
I am just using my laptop but as soon as I get part of the site built
I will need free webhosting.
I would like to have free webhosting with you please.

- In case that you could give me the webhosting:
- can I use my own domain name (this is a requirement that I've have from this charity)
- which is the space limit to host files and monthly bandwidth limit ?

thanks very much,

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Re: I need PLONE hosting for a charity

Par leobcréé le 20/08/2010 13:44


I think that you can find every information about the storage here :http://www.objectis.org/about-en/rules/index_html?set_language=en&cl=en

For the domain name, it could be done but  you have to argue the reasons.

Let me know if you are still internested



Re: Re: I need PLONE hosting for a charity

Par Franciscocréé le 20/08/2010 14:01

Hi Leo, thanks for the reply.
I read the storage limits, and I think this could be a problem if the project
goes big as we expect. I will not need then the free access for now, and if
I can't find another solution I will come back to see how can I do it with
you without hosting all the files in your server.

thank you very much!

Re: I need PLONE hosting for a charity

Par Gaelcréé le 20/08/2010 13:57

As Léo said, in general we don't allow any other domain name than .objectis.net, and the quota is explained in the FAQ. For a human rights NGO like yours, we can soften a bit our policy, and allow you to use your own domain name and extend your disk quota (to a point), if you really need it. If you wish to go on with an Objectis hosting, send your requirements to gael@pilotsystems.net and I'll see what we can do.

Re: Re: I need PLONE hosting for a charity

Par Franciscocréé le 20/08/2010 14:05

Hi, sorry I didn't read your message and asked to the previous reply.
I will think about it, because I am just starting the project, and
when I get real numbers and estimations of the disk usage I will come
back to you guys with a more concrete request of my needs.

thanks very much

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